Anna Taneburgo  B.S.W., M.Ed., R.S.W.

Answers to frequently asked questions...

What is energy work?

Energy flows through us and animates our bodies.  This energy also extends outside of the physical body, creating low frequency  electromagnetic fields around us.  An energy practitioner can detect these fields, as well as the energy flows in the body.  Stagnation in this energy flow often reflects our physical, mental and emotional state.  So when this vital energy is stimulated, overall health improves!

What does it involve?  While you remain clothed and lying comfortably on a massage table, Anna places her hands gently on or near your head.  Possible sensations include:  warmth, deep relaxation, a sensation of floating, feelings of love and joy, seeing images or colours, and restful, sound sleep! 

Painful emotions that have been buried in your body can also arise.  Through dialogue, they can be fully expressed and released, leaving you feeling healed and whole again. 

Energy work can also relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, improve sleep and enhance peace of mind.  In a survey of staff at an area hospital, energy work relieved pain by 27% and reduced stress by 36% - after only one 15 minute session!

What is mindfulness and why is it important in healing?

Our minds are often busy - when we're not reliving the past, we're planning the future.  Rarely are we in the present moment.  Sitting with yourself and watching your mind for even one minute will quickly prove this!  Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening moment to moment, without getting lost in it.  You experience your body's sensations and witness the contents of your mind, all from a place of pure awareness.  It's like sitting in a movie theatre and watching the action on the screen instead of thinking that you're in the movie. From this vantage point, wisdom and peacefulness naturally arise.  Life becomes easier and more joyful.  In the words of Eckhart Tolle, you come to experience "the power of now".

So why is it important in healing?  When we have stored painful issues in our body, we tend to resist feeling the pain.  Keeping our minds busy helps us avoid it.  On the healing table, the mind is invited to rest, so that the body can 'speak'.  Issues that have been buried in our tissues finally have a chance to be witnessed, understood, and ultimately released.  The irony is that doing this is rarely as painful as we imagine it to be, and that burying our wounds actually causes more pain in the long run.  It is only through pain that we can release it and go on to live more happy and peaceful lives.      

What can I expect after a session?

You will likely feel more at peace after a session.  It's valuable to give yourself some space and time to fully integrate the changes that your 'bodymind' has undergone.  Journaling, talking to a confidante or taking a walk will help.  At the very least, take some time to reflect on and savour your newfound feelings of well-being.  It's valuable to avoid highly stressful situations for the rest of the day, as your system may be more sensitive. 

How will I know if the sessions are helping?

Very simply:  if you start feeling like you are living your life, and not the life others have expected of you.  Someone once said, "If you're not going to be you, who will be?"  A potent thought!

How often should I come?

It's important to recognize that it took you awhile to get to where you are now, so it will take awhile to get to where you want to be.  Coming on a regular basis, at whatever pace feels feasible to you, is better than coming sporadically. 

What else can I do to support my well-being?

It's interesting to note that even the people who seek help from the most famous energy healer in the world - John of God of Brazil - are told that the healing sessions are not enough.  They are also strongly encouraged to change their habits and their mindsets. 

If you reflect on all the aspects of your being that need to be nourished, this will guide you.  You have a body - what does it need to feel cared for?  You have a mind and a heart - what do they need from you?  A deeply fulfilling life requires your loving attention to all aspects of yourself.